HUNTSVILLE RADIO: Gas tax increase should be offset with a tax decrease on something else

Feb 27, 2019

API Senior Fellow J. Pepper Bryars recently discussed the proposal to raise Alabama’s gas tax on the Fred Holland Show, 105.3 FM WTKI in Huntsville. Bryars said that if our lawmakers raise the gas tax to increase funding for roads and bridges, they ought to decrease taxes on something else so that the total burden on […]

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HUNTSVILLE RADIO: Rachel Bryars discusses 4 Alabama Accountability Act myths

API Senior Fellow Rachel Blackmon Bryars recently joined Fred Holland on 105.3 and 1450 WTKI Talk Huntsville to tackle four of the biggest myths surrounding the Alabama Accountability Act and the tax-credit scholarships that help low-income students transfer into a different school: — Myth #1: Scholarships steal money from public schools — Myth #2: Even […]

Rachel Bryars: Four myths to dispel during Alabama School Choice Week

Gov. Kay Ivey recently proclaimed this “Alabama School Choice Week” and thousands of families are celebrating reforms created by the Alabama Accountability Act, including scholarships so low-income parents can transfer their children from under-performing schools. Critics of the program, however, will likely respond by repeating some of the many myths about the law. Here are four […]