J. Pepper Bryars: While hospitals help second trimester babies thrive, courts allow them to be butchered

Jan 15, 2019

A premature baby born at just 22-weeks was discharged a few months ago from the University of South Alabama Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile. In a touching video posted on AL.com, little Cullen Porter can be seen wearing a tiny black cap and gown on the way home, having “graduated” in August from the neonatal […]

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API Joins 36 Conservative Groups and Activists: Congress Must Stop New Obamacare Taxes

Lawmakers must act to prevent Obamacare taxes from going into effect next year, 36 conservative groups and activists wrote in a letter addressed to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). Absent Congressional action, the Obamacare health insurance tax and medical device tax will both go into effect in 2018. […]

Unwinding the Worst of Obamacare: Why Congress Must Rescind ACA’S Massive Medicaid Expansion

Alabama Policy Institute joined with Palmetto Promise Institute to make the case for an equitable unwinding of Obamacare’s massive and fiscally unsustainable expansion of Medicaid to able-bodied adults. The report comes at a particularly important time, with ongoing discussions in Washington on repealing Obamacare, and reforming Medicaid through a block grant or per capita allotments. […]

Obamacare Repeal Must Roll Back the Medicaid Expansion

A version of this op-ed originally appeared in the National Review Online on January 19, 2017. By Ellen Weaver and Caleb Crosby As the 115th Congress convenes and President-elect Trump prepares to take office tomorrow, our nation faces incredible challenges and opportunities. On health care in particular, the stakes couldn’t be higher, nor the path […]