Tax Incentives: Not Always the Answer for Alabama’s Economic Struggles

Feb 20, 2018

Last month, the state rejoiced with news that Alabama would be the home of a new Toyota-Mazda plant. The plant is expected to bring over 4,000 jobs and billions of dollars in net revenue to the state. With the execution of this deal, known as Project New World, state and local governments will give the […]

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Guide to the Issues: Tax Credits in Alabama

Tax credits, at both the federal and state levels, directly offset an individual or business’ tax bill for the year. Tax credits are often part of a package deal when it comes to policymaking: tax deductions, tax incentives, and tax “breaks” are all closely associated with tax credits. It is often counterintuitive to think that […]

Guide to the Issues: Alabama’s Infrastructure and Transportation Funding

Elected officials rightly devote significant attention to Alabama’s economy, which Alabama voters depend on to provide for the basic needs of their families and communities. Just as the heart and circulatory system form the network that transports blood through the body, a state’s transportation system is critical to the health of its economy. And as […]

Guide to the Issues: The State Budget: Earmarks

Originally, an “earmark” was a sign of ownership–a mark in the ear of a sheep or other animal.  Today, earmarks are the sign of bad fiscal policy. Earmarking is the dedication of certain tax revenues to the financing of specific programs. Currently, 93% of Alabama’s tax dollars are earmarked, by far the highest of any state. […]