Juvenile Justice: A Broken System with Harmful Effects on Alabama’s Youth

Feb 13, 2018

A fourteen year old shoplifts cologne from a local Macy’s with hopes to impress his crush. Lacking the skills of an experienced criminal, he gets caught easily. Although perhaps warranting a fine and community service, he is instead processed as a criminal defendant and placed in a juvenile detention center. Here, he crosses paths daily […]

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Here in Alabama, the government can legally take your stuff (AND NOT GIVE IT BACK)

Along Highway 31 in Conecuh County, Alabama, lies a small town called Castleberry. Although the city boasts a population of less than 600 and a single caution light, it has its own police department. To fund itself, the Castleberry Police Department takes advantage of speeding passers-by and writes them tickets. Nothing to see here. In […]

Nexus of Cultural Trends and Alabama’s Prison Problems

In 2012, one of every 148 persons in the State of Alabama was behind bars, compared to one of every 200 persons nationwide.  Miscalculations in policy and in funding over the last three decades lead us to where we are today, at nearly double our prisons’ capacity. At the same time, save some rare instances, […]

Cultural Indicators 2014 for Alabama and the U.S.

Cultural Indicators 2014 for Alabama and the United States tracks various Alabama-specific and national measures of societal well-being dating back to 1960, as statistics are available. Chapters are devoted to vital statistics; crime; education; family; health; poverty and welfare; and business and government.