HUNTSVILLE RADIO: J. Pepper Bryars discusses new civil asset forfeiture bill introduced in the State Senate

Apr 5, 2019

API Senior Fellow J. Pepper Bryars recently appeared in-studio on the Jeff Poor Show, airing from 2-5 p.m. on WVNN 92.5 FM in Huntsville. Pepper and Jeff discussed the recently introduced bill in the State Senate to reform civil asset forfeiture in Alabama. Listen to the interview here.    

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HUNTSVILLE RADIO: Alabama should shine the light on asset forfeiture

API Senior Fellow J. Pepper Bryars recently discussed civil asset forfeiture on the Fred Holland Show, 105.3 FM WTKI in Huntsville. The two spent an hour discussing the issue, including how it’s done in Alabama, its pros and cons, and why law enforcement should make the process more easily available to public scrutiny. Listen to […]

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