Amendment 5 would add language to the Sportsperson’s Bill of Rights of the Alabama Constitution to further clarify that citizens have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, subject to reasonable regulations.  At present, there is no case law from any state regarding the Sportsperson’s Bill of Rights that would provide insight as to how a court might reach a different conclusion under the expanded language proposed in Amendment 5 versus the current language of Amendment 597.

Amendment 1: The American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment

Amendment 2: $50 Million Bond Issue for National Guard Armories

Amendment 3: The Right to Bear Arms as a Fundamental Right

Amendment 4: Local School Board Protection from Unfunded Mandates



The Shared Foundation of Liberals and Conservatives

Political discussion in the United States is often framed by party allegiance. When people are asked to explain the rationale behind their choice to identify with a specific party, however, they often cannot give an answer beyond listing particular positions that they support or oppose. While an understanding of specific policies is important, limiting debate […]

Alabama can do more for its military families

According to a recent survey, a majority of military family members do not feel that they belong in their local civilian communities. This means that less than half of military families that live in our neighborhoods, shop at our malls, and attend our places of worship feel at home with us. Why is this the […]

Taylor’s Top 4: Legislative Review for Week 8

Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to Representative Allen Treadaway and his family after the loss of his daughter Kelsey Treadaway earlier this week.  If you want to receive daily news hits from across the state and nation straight to your inbox each morning, click here to subscribe to API’s Daily Clips. 1. Changes to ethics […]

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