Tax and expenditures limits (TELs) have been used since 1875 when Missouri enacted the first property tax limitation. Research shows TELs to be effective only if carefully constructed to accommodate a wide range of economic conditions.

The State of Alabama has recently faced a number of difficult financial and budgetary situations. As a result of budgetary miscalculations State budgets required cuts in 7 times since 2001.

In order to prevent similar budgetary scenarios in the future, the State of Alabama should install a carefully constructed expenditure limitation. The proposed Alabama Dynamic Expenditure Limit (ADEL) utilizes changes in Alabama’s inflation, output, and population to create an expenditure limit which moves with the economy to accommodate the needs of Alabama’s citizens.



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Political discussion in the United States is often framed by party allegiance. When people are asked to explain the rationale behind their choice to identify with a specific party, however, they often cannot give an answer beyond listing particular positions that they support or oppose. While an understanding of specific policies is important, limiting debate […]

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Taylor’s Top 4: Legislative Review for Week 8

Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to Representative Allen Treadaway and his family after the loss of his daughter Kelsey Treadaway earlier this week.  If you want to receive daily news hits from across the state and nation straight to your inbox each morning, click here to subscribe to API’s Daily Clips. 1. Changes to ethics […]

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