The RESTORE Act and Alabama’s Objectives

Aug 15, 2014

The RESTORE Act allows local governments to make the majority of meaningful decisions as to how the money is spent. In doing so, the RESTORE Act will likely bring upwards of $1 billion under Alabama’s control or direction. With that amount of capital, local leaders can tackle large environmental and economic problems on a scale […]

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The Hidden Costs of Alabama’s State and Local Workforce

Both the employment and compensation problems are significant contributing factors to Alabama’s unfunded pension and retiree health care liability.  According to official state estimates, Alabama’s pension system in FY 2012 was underfunded by almost $9.5 billion while the retiree health care system is underfunded by another $11.1 billion.

The PPACA’s Effect on Alabama Labor

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will result in a slowing of both gross state income and total paid hours worked, as businesses try to avoid the expenses of providing health care.  Applying the CBO’s estimates to Alabama, between 155 million and 207 million paid work […]

Building Business in Alabama: How Business-Friendly are Alabama’s 50 Largest Cities?

The Alabama Policy Institute (API) has collected data on Alabama’s 50 most populous cities and ranked them based on criteria that both ensure business success and protect the entrepreneurial spirit. The four categories in which data are ranked are Economic Vitality, Business Tax Burden, Community Allure, and Transportation Infrastructure.