COVID-19 in Alabama: A Primer on the Impacts of the Coronavirus on the State

Apr 2, 2020

Read the full report here. The impacts of the coronavirus on the health, social wellbeing, economy, and state government of Alabama are unprecedented. To this date, millions of Alabamians have upended their lives to stop the spread of COVID-19. Over 1,000 have contracted the virus and some have succumbed to it. The effects of social […]

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State-Run Lotteries: Seeking Solutions, Creating Disaster

The Alabama Policy Institute’s position on the lottery has been well-known and well-publicized throughout the organization’s nearly thirty-year history: a state-run lottery is bad public policy, both fiscally and socially, and it is the wrong solution to address the state’s unsustainable fiscal trajectory. This is not merely a right-versus-left issue, as there are many outspoken opponents […]

Private Certification as an Alternative to Occupational Licensing

Evidence from Teacher Quality in North Carolina From the Mercatus Center at George Mason University “Supporters of occupational licensing often argue that the practice has two notable benefits: first, licensing can convey information about the quality of services to consumers, and second, it can raise the earnings of individuals with licenses, encouraging them to develop […]

Cutting the Competition?: The Effects of Licensing Barbers in Alabama

This paper, published by the Mackinac Institute, estimates the effects of Alabama’s reintroduction of barbering licensing requirements on the receipts and growth of barber shops in the state. It contains state-level comparisons of barber and beauty shops in Alabama, as well as comparing these Alabama statistics to that of nearby bordering states. In addition, I […]