Mobile Radio: J. Pepper Bryars discusses Alabama’s abortion ban

May 16, 2019

Alabama Policy Institute senior fellow J. Pepper Bryars recently discussed Alabama’s landmark abortion ban on WNGL Archangel Catholic┬áRadio, 1410 AM/94.5 FM in Mobile. Listen to the interview here:

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API Senior Fellow Rachel Blackmon Bryars provided an update on Alabama’s landmark abortion bill that is being considered in the state Senate today. Listen to the segment on 1410 AM/94.5 FM WNGL Archangel Catholic Radio:

HUNTSVILLE RADIO: Is there a groundswell of pro-life momentum in Alabama?

API Senior Fellow Rachel Blackmon Bryars and WTKI Radio host Fred Holland talked Friday about Rep. John Rogers’ recent grisly comments about the Alabama Human Life Protection Act and whether or not there is a groundswell of support for ending abortion in Alabama. Listen to the discussion here: