Define “Transparency”

Jul 11, 2017

When you think about the word “transparency,” you probably think about things like openness, honesty, accountability, or integrity. In an ideal world, those descriptors would be accurate. Today, however, amid calls for nonprofits like the Alabama Policy Institute to disclose our donors to the IRS, transparency has come to take on another meaning. In this […]

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VIDEO: Renowned Economist Weighs in on Proposed Tax Increases

    It is not uncommon for politicians to campaign on promises of no new taxes, yet when the going gets tough, abandon that promise in favor of the easiest fix of all–a bailout by hardworking Alabamians. Stephen Moore, Chief Economist of the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal contributor, agreed to share his thoughts […]

Cultural Indicators 2014 for Alabama and the U.S.

Cultural Indicators 2014 for Alabama and the United States tracks various Alabama-specific and national measures of societal well-being dating back to 1960, as statistics are available. Chapters are devoted to vital statistics; crime; education; family; health; poverty and welfare; and business and government.  

A Mother’s Response to the May 28, 2014 AAA Ruling

On May 28, 2014, the Circuit Court of Montgomery County declared the Alabama Accountability Act unconstitutional and enjoined the state from implementing the law. Gloria McMeans needs educational choice to secure a brighter future for her son, Keeynaad who is the recipient of a scholarship for school tuition.