Guide to the Issues: Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)

Jan 30, 2018

An education savings account is an individual student bank account, established by state law, which holds some or all of the public funds that would normally be allocated for the education of the participating student. Generally, the student must meet certain qualifications and the parent or guardian of the student must sign a contract with […]

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Guide to the Issues: Charter Schools in Alabama

While the state of Alabama has seen incremental reform in the realm of public education in recent years, one major component of the national education reform movement has remained elusive. Despite rapid and often successful growth nationwide over the last twenty-five years, Alabama has been slow to embrace charter schools. One of the reasons for this […]

Guide to the Issues: Tax Credits in Alabama

Tax credits, at both the federal and state levels, directly offset an individual or business’ tax bill for the year. Tax credits are often part of a package deal when it comes to policymaking: tax deductions, tax incentives, and tax “breaks” are all closely associated with tax credits. It is often counterintuitive to think that […]

Guide to the Issues: Alabama’s Infrastructure and Transportation Funding

Elected officials rightly devote significant attention to Alabama’s economy, which Alabama voters depend on to provide for the basic needs of their families and communities. Just as the heart and circulatory system form the network that transports blood through the body, a state’s transportation system is critical to the health of its economy. And as […]