Alabama Needs to Limit Uncertainty for Healthcare Providers in the Pandemic

Jul 2, 2020

Uncertainty can be crippling. In many, it turns an energetic “can-do” spirit into a cautious “wait and see” mentality. In 2011, more than half of small businesses surveyed by the US Chamber of Commerce said they were holding off on hiring new employees largely because of uncertainty about the economy. That was in 2011. What […]

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Rural Broadband: It’s Past Time

As it turns out, we just thought we understood how much we needed better broadband accessibility in Alabama. Rural farmers, hospitals, and schools have been telling us for years that the inequality of our broadband infrastructure created two classes of Alabamians: internet haves and have-nots. State leaders mostly agreed and promised to address it…eventually. But in a […]

Philosopher Kings on the Supreme Court Usurp Congress and the People. Again.

According to ancient Greek philosopher Plato, it is the great thinkers, or philosophers, who are best suited to govern society. Dubbed “philosopher kings” they use wisdom, Plato says, to determine how society should operate. Ours is not a country governed by philosopher kings. The Founding Fathers, instead, predicated our government as one of the people. […]

Poll: 70% of Alabamians Want a Special Session and Support API’s RESTORE Alabama Plan

Birmingham, Ala. – Today (Thursday, June 18, 2020) the Alabama Policy Institute (API) released the results of a statewide poll conducted by nationally recognized polling company Cygnal. The poll gauged likely voters’ opinions on whether Alabama Governor Kay Ivey should call a special legislative session. It also asked voters if they supported each of the six planks […]