Infographic: Defined Benefit Plans Explained

Dec 10, 2015

Public pensions systems across the country are struggling with lower than expected investment returns. Just this morning, reported that investments supporting Alabama’s Teachers’ Retirement System earned a 1.04% rate of return. As currently structured, the expected annual cost of the system’s defined benefit pension plans assumes an 8% rate of return. State retirees are […]

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Infographic: Medicaid Expansion in Alabama

In this latest By the Numbers, API examines the dollars and cents of Medicaid expansion in Alabama. Recently, this debate took a strange (yet predictable) turn when Governor Bentley’s Health Care Improvement Task Force called for the expansion of Medicaid. The governor estimates that expansion would cost the state $710 million, on top of the […]

Infographic: King v. Burwell

Could Alabamians benefit from a ruling against the Affordable Care Act? A ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in this case would give the Republican-run Congress its first real opportunity to deliver on campaign promises to “repeal and replace Obamacare.” This case presents a major separation of powers issue. A ruling against the Administration would […]