Taylor’s Top 4: Legislative Review for Week 7

Did this week fly by to anyone else? Before we all take off to enjoy the weekend, check out what happened this week in Montgomery in Taylor’s Top 4! If you want to receive daily news hits from across the state and nation straight to your inbox each morning, click here to subscribe to API’s Daily […]

Taylor’s Top 5: Legislative Review for Week 6

TGIF, am I right? Before the weekend begins, check out what happened this week in the state legislature Taylor’s Top 5 for this week! 1. Folks, we are very close to statewide ride sharing! This week, the senate unanimously passed a bill that sets up the framework for ride sharing companies to operate across the state. Now […]

Legislative Session: Week 5 Review

It was a slower week, so before you kick off your weekend, check out what happened in Montgomery during week five of the 2018 legislative session! By the way, if you want to receive daily news hits from across the state and nation straight to your inbox each morning, click here to subscribe to API’s Daily […]

Taylor’s Top Five: Weekly Legislative Review for Week 4

And, we’re back! Happy almost weekend to you. Taylor’s Top Five is back to fill you in on what you might have missed this week in Montgomery. Hope you enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions on the items discussed below. Have a great weekend! 1. The Senate approved harsher punishment for possessing fentanyl. For those […]

Calling All Candidates: Let’s Talk Education

You spoke, Alabama. We asked, what issues are important to you and what questions would you ask of your candidates to answer?  Since last week was National School Choice Week, let’s explore questions on promoting education and supporting Alabama’s school children. And it probably won’t come as much of a surprise—Alabamians are very vocal on these […]

Taylor’s Top Six: Legislative Review for Week 3

We’re back with another recap! In this week’s Taylor’s Top Six, we’ve got a few updates on things we discussed last week, as well as some new bills that were introduced this week. Let us know what you think of what’s going on in Montgomery! 1. My two favorite words in the English language: tax […]

What do you want to hear from your candidates?

Most of the talk I’ve heard this legislative session has been preceded with “well, you know it’s an election year. . .” as if to indicate that we shouldn’t expect too much from our lawmakers in 2018. Rather, our expectations for our elected officials in 2018 should be just as high as usual, if not […]

It’s Time for New Year’s Resolutions

Ah, January, the make-or-break month for New Year’s resolutions. Don’t you think that our elected officials—members of the legislature, state school board, executive branch, and others—should adopt some resolutions? I’ve got a few ideas for them.       1. Commit to protecting taxpayers. Want to raise taxes? Meet them with an offset elsewhere. Want […]

2017 Naughty and Nice List

The Alabama Policy Institute staff made a list and we’re checking it twice as we think back on 2017 and what was “naughty” or “nice.” What made your list this year? Nice: The legislature passed four pro-life bills this year… This year, the legislature passed four bills each that aim at protecting the sanctity of […]

Time to Refocus

Thinking back on the last year, a few things stick out in my mind: the words “fake news,” Alabama’s epic comeback to get a spot in the college football playoff (Roll Tide), and political ads from Alabama’s senate election haunting me in my waking and sleeping hours. With news cycle after news cycle over the […]