Less Outrage, More Leadership

This past weekend, the Executive Committee of the Alabama Republican Party jumped into the liberal playbook feet first when it passed a resolution calling for Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to be ousted from Congress.

Win Friends, Kill Enemies: An Unyielding Call for Warrior-Diplomats in Modern Warfare

If the armed forces of the Western democracies are to support Allies from the Third World, is our force posture truly oriented toward enhancing their autonomous combat capability, or are we constrained to explicitly taking part in the fighting, simply because our weapons and ancillaries are not effectively transferable. — Thomas P. Rona Introduction Throughout […]

Alabama Budgeting a la Oliver Twist

The Dickens classic Oliver Twist transcends time and some critics say it was a catalyst for social change in its day. As we enter the second special session of the Alabama Legislature to focus on the anemic and malnourished General Fund budget I am reminded of a specific iconic scene from Dickens novel. Young Oliver, […]

Fix the Foundation

By now I’m sure that you’ve heard that Alabama has a budget problem. As the Chairman for the State Senate Committee for Fiscal Responsibility I firmly believe that the budget woes we face this year are able to be fixed without raising taxes or relying upon gambling. But to do so we will have to […]

Giant Killers

The State of Alabama is facing a fiscal challenge right now unlike any that we have had in contemporary memory. Regardless of how big the hole in the General Fund budget really is….the fact is that there is a hole. The debate rages on how to fill it and there are ideas, opinions, and plans […]

The Easter Conservative

Despite the fact that our children are grown the annual tradition in our house of coloring Easter eggs is still very much alive. This year was no different as our daughter came home from college and our son and his fiancé joined us for a couple of hours of dye-laden fun. And every year we […]

Don’t be Fooled by the Cheshire Cat’s Smile

We all remember the Cheshire Cat. He was that seemingly benign and somewhat philosophical ever-smiling character from Alice in Wonderland. He was elusive and offered misdirection in response to clear questions. In effect he offered whatever version of reality that was needed to fit his moment…..and all with a very creepy smile. At times he […]

What Creed Do You Live By

My son told me once that you can tell a great deal about a person by the quotes he puts on his Facebook page. There’s some truth in that. People gravitate toward quotes, verses, and speeches that spark their imagination and inspire them to action. Such words often carry import far beyond their original utterance. […]

Doing the Right Thing

Sometimes doing the right thing creates personal discomfort, or requires personal sacrifice. The old adage that “what’s right is not always popular and what’s popular is not always right” remains true. Whoever coined that phrase was a wordsmithing genius. An ardent liberal once tried to debate me with rhetoric and sound-bites. I simply replied that […]

The Green Behind the Green

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”…..or in this case the money behind the green energy push that is advancing its way into Alabama. If you haven’t noticed there is a great deal of green behind the green. I consider myself a pragmatic optimist. I believe that we should always be searching for […]