AARP’s Enviro-Agenda Assaults Alabama’s Economy

Recently the American Association for Retired People (AARP) sent a petition to the Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC) urging the PSC to reconsider their Report and Order issued regarding the Alabama Power Company rate structure. On the surface, the issue of the PSC doing a thorough review of the rates charged to customers by Alabama […]

Republicans Can Regain Trust by Defunding Obamacare

As October 1st and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare quickly approach, Republican members of Congress are faced with a tough decision over whether or not to provide funding for the new programs created by the law. At least 80 members of Congress have signed a letter calling on Speaker […]


Today, Attorney General Luther Strange and Alabama Policy Institute (API) President Gary Palmer addressed API’s recent receipt of a letter from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) that inquired about API’s relationship with the American Legislative Exchange Council and asked whether API supports “stand your ground” legislation.  This request infringes upon API’s constitutional right to free […]

Gettysburg and the Declaration of Independence: Anniversaries offer time for reflection

This 237th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence could be slightly overshadowed by another anniversary…the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Considering the abuses of government power that have dominated the news in recent weeks, it is almost fitting to have these seminal events in our nation’s history front and center together. But we […]

Cap-and-Trade by Other Means

The Alabama Public Service Commission recently held a public hearing concerning Alabama Power Company rates.  But the hearing was really about an effort initiated by environmental groups determined to impose cap-and-trade type regulations on Alabama Power. For the first time in my memory, the PSC was brought into a debate that is really outside their […]

A Tribute to Margaret Thatcher

“All beginnings are hopeful.” That’s what the principal of Somerville College, Oxford said to the students who arrived there in 1944. That statement made a lasting impression on Margaret Roberts, who would become Great Britain’s only female prime minister and rank among Britain’s greatest leaders. Margaret Thatcher was a major historical figure at a unique […]

Why the Accountability Act Matters

In 1963, Alabama Governor George Wallace stood in the doorway of Foster Auditorium to block the “schoolhouse door” in order to prevent black students from enrolling at The University of Alabama. Fifty years later, there are still people trying block “schoolhouse doors.” This time, it is Alabama’s education union and their judicial allies trying to […]

Medicaid That Makes Sense

While Governor Robert Bentley continues to stand firm against the expansion of Medicaid, the proponents of an expansion continue to insist that Alabama grow a program which has proven unmanageable and unaffordable for the state. Gov. Bentley joined 19 other governors in rejecting the federal offer to pay 100 percent of the additional Medicaid costs […]

The Ranking that Matters

As the 2013 Legislative Session gets under way, Alabama Republican legislators will be dealing with a lot of facts and figures as they try to pass sensible budgets, eliminate wasteful and inefficient spending, and pay back the money being taken from the Alabama Trust Fund. If the Republican Legislative Agenda is any indication, there is […]

Don’t Look to Washington, Look to the States

In the immediate aftermath of the 2012 elections, many people concluded that the conservative movement was all but lost. But who would have thought that only five weeks after the election, conservatives would be celebrating a landmark victory? Following the re-election of President Barack Obama and the Republican embarrassment in the U.S. Senate races no […]