Having Freedom is not Irresponsible

When Georgia’s governor announced that the state would allow some non-essential businesses to reopen, everyone had an opinion. What I heard and read most often, however, was how his lifting of restrictions was, “reckless” and “irresponsible.” I see a glimmer of hope in Governor Ivey’s recently issued “Safer at Home Order” as it lessens some […]

Superintendent Sentance Deserves a Fair Shot

Though his career at Alabama began with a mediocre 6-6 record and, perhaps more notably to fans, a loss to Auburn, football coach Nick Saban was not fired after his first year—and good thing he wasn’t. Today, Saban is considered by many to be perhaps the greatest college football coach of all time. We give […]

Faith and Fiction

Many politicians in Alabama and much of the Bible Belt present their Christian faith as a political virtue. For some, it is merely a passing mention. Others, however, go further and discuss their belief that God has called them to hold a certain political office. All too frequently, this talk of faith and calling is […]

In Alabama Politics, the Easiest—Not the Best—Road Is Often Taken

Developing sound public policy is complicated, and we need leaders willing to admit as much. That’s a heavy ask when the consequences for conceding complexity are often severe. When President Trump spoke to governors visiting the White House earlier this year, he announced, “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” It was a […]

Political Power Tests Character

Character needs to be a much higher priority in Alabama politics. While our state is blessed with many officials who conduct public service with integrity, the failures of relatively few cast a broad shadow on our political arena. As obvious a priority as that might sound, no candidate is going to campaign on his or […]

Hillbillies and the American Dream

Hillbilly Elegy By J. D. Vance (Harper, 264 pages, $27.99) The life of J. D. Vance is the stuff of a bestseller. His is a real-world “rags to riches” success story, an exemplification of the American Dream, the type of tale that we Americans never tire of hearing—that continues to speak to us nearly two […]


Today, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Alabama Attorney General’s request to temporarily halt the lower court’s strike down of Alabama’s Sanctity of Marriage Amendment and the Alabama Marriage Protection Act. As a research organization dedicated to the preservation of strong families, this comes as a great disappointment as traditional marriage is central to […]