The Alabama Policy Institute has launched a new podcast titled “1819,” named for the year Alabama became a state, that will focus on politics, culture and faith from a conservative perspective.

Listeners can subscribe to 1819 today via iTunes and Sticher.

“The podcast will focus on both the issues and the individuals who are impacting Alabama, and we’ll bring our audience a level of detail and clarity not found elsewhere,” said J. Pepper Bryars, a senior fellow at API and the show’s host.

The latest episode featured an enlightening discussion of Alabama’s landmark abortion ban with the law’s chief author, Birmingham attorney Eric Johnston. The show explored the legal underpinnings of the Roe v. Wade decision, how and why the current law was drafted, what it prohibits and still allows and dispelled many misconceptions.

Past episodes included a conversation with API’s president, Caleb Crosby, and another with its director of policy strategy, Phil Williams.

Future episodes of 1819 will cover a variety of issues related to limited government, free markets and strong families and include interviews with well-known Alabamians including business leaders, journalists, educators, office holders and others who are helping to shape our state. 

“We’re concerned with getting to the bottom of an issue, understanding all sides, and learning more about how we can best handle the challenges and opportunities that face Alabama,” Bryars said.

For more information on 1819 and other API initiatives, please visit 

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