Find API’s candidate questionnaires, our Guide to the Issues on the proposed constitutional amendments, and our op-eds on this election cycle here.

Candidate Questionnaires 


Governor Kay Ivey (R)

Mayor Walt Maddox (D)

Lieutenant Governor

Will Ainsworth (R)

Will Boyd (D)

Attorney General

Steve Marshall (R)

Joe Siegelman (D): Declined questionnaire

State Legislators

Some state legislators elected to answer API’s questionnaires. You can find all the legislative questionnaires we received by clicking HERE.

Constitutional Amendments:

Guide to the Issues

2018 Proposed Constitutional Amendments:

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2018 Elections: API’s take

Vote “Yes” on Amendment Two

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API urges “Yes” vote on Amendment Two on evening news

Should the progressive movement become pro-life?

Alabama must vote yes on Proposed Statewide Amendment Two

Why vote in state elections?

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State elections matter more than most think

Our Elected Officials, a Mirror of Ourselves

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HUNTSVILLE RADIO: Alabama should shine the light on asset forfeiture

API Senior Fellow J. Pepper Bryars recently discussed civil asset forfeiture on the Fred Holland Show, 105.3 FM WTKI in Huntsville. The two spent an hour discussing the issue, including how it’s done in Alabama, its pros and cons, and why law enforcement should make the process more easily available to public scrutiny. Listen to […]

While the Supreme Court deliberates, Alabama should shine the light on asset forfeiture

The U.S. Supreme Court recently signaled that it’s ready to limit the government’s power to confiscate things like cars, houses, and cash that prosecutors have proven, or maybe just reasonably suspect, were involved in crimes. The court heard oral arguments related to Indiana’s use of the power, known as asset forfeiture, to confiscate a $42,000 vehicle — […]

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Should the progressive movement become pro-life?

Blind spots. We’ve all got them. Some, for example, believe their singing voice to be a divine blessing although it might more accurately be described as a curse. Others assume their Facebook friends want to see their every meal. Still others ignore that they do, in reality, need deodorant. Not all blind spots are this […]

VIDEO: API’s Parker Snider discusses anger in politics on APTV’s Capitol Journal

Parker Snider, policy relations manager for the Alabama Policy Institute, discussed anger in politics last week on Capitol Journal with Don Dailey, which airs on Alabama Public Television. Watch the interview here (interview begins at 13:20): To keep up with API, sign-up for our newsletter at