2015 Legislative Agenda: Mapping Alabama’s Future

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While in past years we have proposed as many as twenty-five policy priorities, this year we have narrowed our focus to only eight. This will allow our staff to provide more expansive research to citizens and legislators and will increase our ability to successfully participate in public debate.

The 2015 agenda topics include the repeal of local personnel boards, reform public pensions, eliminate innovator liability, halt attempts at medicaid expansion, protect religious liberty, authorize charter schools, identify conservative budget solutions, and prioritize principled prison reforms.

The Alabama Policy Institute’s 2015 agenda consists of eight key priorities derived from our principles of free markets, rule of law, limited government, and strong families. This agenda has been crafter through careful consideration of the biggest challenges facing our state and what, we believe, matters to Alabamians. We have laid the groundwork for many of these priorities over the years and believe that now is the time to turn these ideas into action. API stands ready to fully equip and support policymakers from either side of the aisle that will join us in our efforts to map a brighter future for Alabama.


2014 Policy Priorities Handbook for Alabama

API 2014 PP HandbookPolicy Priorities for Alabama is a handbook compiled specifically for each legislative session as a research and education guide on the issues facing our state. The 2014 edition consists of 21 policy briefs taken from the Alabama Policy Institute’s Guide to the Issues which provide background, policy considerations, and recommendations, along with research citations. The Alabama Policy Institute believes that a more informed electorate will lead to a stronger state.

Improving Transparency in Alabama’s State Government


State-Sponsored Lobbyists in Alabama
“Cooling Off ” Period for Legislators Leaving Office to Lobby
State Property Database Improvement
State Budget Transparency


Increasing Efficiency and Stability in Alabama’s State Government


The Continued Need for State Employee Pension Reform
The Alabama Dynamic Expenditure Limit
Medicaid Funding in Alabama
Medicaid Prescription Reform
Certificate of Need (CON) Laws
State-Supported Dues Deductions

Reforming Alabama Education

Group of teenagers sitting in the classroom with raised hands.

Improvements to the Alabama Accountability Act
The Need for Public Charter Schools in Alabama
ACCESS to Education in Alabama’s Prisons
Education Tenure Reform


Protecting the Rights of Alabamians

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Speech-Based Government Targeting
Right to Life Updates in Alabama
Independent Tax Tribunals for Alabama



Defending Alabama’s State Rights Against Federal Overreach

us capitol

Judicial Consent Decrees
Federalization of Education in Alabama
Strengthening Alabama’s Gambling Laws
Cost Efficient Prison Reforms