Guide to the Issues

Guide to the Issues are one to three page briefs giving an introduction to current issues faced by the State and Nation. If you would like to receive API’s GTIs and other publications as they are released, please subscribe.

Alabama State Government


ABC Store Privatization
Alabama’s 2015 State Budget
Automatic Payroll Deductions for Politically Active Organizations
Alabama Legislative Pay
The Alabama Trust Fund Payback
Home Rule in Alabama
Independent Tax Tribunals for Alabama
Public Education Employee Health Insurance Program (PEEHIP)
Pension Liabilities
Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) Pension Reform
State Budget Consolidation
State Property Database Improvement
State Sponsored Lobbyists in Alabama
Strengthening Alabama’s PAC-to-PAC Transfer Law

Constitutional and JudicialDSC_0208 (2)

Alabama’s Handgun Laws and Constitutional Rights
Consent Decrees
The Fairness Doctrine
Governmental Price Controls and the Free Market
SCOTUS Ruling Impacts Alabama Immigration Reform
Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder (Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act)
Understanding the Difference Between Positive and Negative Rights
United States v. Windsor and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

Crime and CorrectionsDSC_7679

Internet Gambling
Prison Reforms
Regulating Tribal Gambling
Strengthening Alabama’s Gambling Laws

Energy and the Environmentcoalplant

Cap and Trade
Domestic Oil Recovery
Nuclear Energy
Offshore Drilling
The Gulf Coast Oil Spill and the RESTORE Act

Group of teenagers sitting in the classroom with raised hands.

The Alabama Accountability Act
Alabama’s Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) Program
Bureaucracy Preserved: Funding Priorities for Birmingham City Schools
Education in Alabama: Facts About Funding
Education Options in Alabama: Public Charter Schools
Education Options in Alabama: Tax Credit Scholarships
Educator Liability Insurance
Federalization of Education in Alabama
Repealing the Anti-Religious Blaine Amendment in Alabama
Teacher Tenure

Family IssuesAPI Research - Breaking Up_Page_01


Federal Governmentus capitol

A Brief History of the Federal Debt
Federal Budget – The Facts


Alabama’s Medicaid Program and the PPACA
An Assisted Living Option for Alabama Medicaid Beneficiaries
The Costs and Benefits of Co-payments in Alabama’s Medicaid Program
Medicaid in Alabama: Dollars and Sense
Medicaid in Alabama: A Primer
Certificate of Need (CON) Laws
Health Insurance Exchanges
Health Insurance Risk Pools
Orienting Medicaid Toward Outcomes
Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act and First Amendment Rights
PPACA Birth Control Mandate & Religious Objections

Market and EconomyBirmingham Skyline Resize

The Minimum Wage’s Effect on Employment

Tax and RegulationDSC_7628

Alternative Minimum Tax
The Estate Tax
The Flat Tax
The Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA)
The Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act