Board of Directors

Barganier, Dr. Paul and Karen

Bradford, Tom and Mary Anne – Executive Committee Member

Brown, Greg and Dee

Brown, Dr. Michael and Kay

Carlisle, Todd and Karen

Collier, Dr. John and Julie – Secretary

Couch, Bob and Mary Ann – Executive Committee Member

Crosby, Caleb and Destin – API President

Cross, Bo and Tammy

Fleming, Rev. Aaron and Chris

Garrett, Richard and Judy

Grubb, Rob and Shawn

Harrison, Don and Betty – Treasurer

Hendry, Don and Janice – Executive Committee Member

Hornsby, John and Virginia

Jacks, Hugh and Jan

Jett, Chuck and Kim

Kennedy, Neil and Helen

McInnis, Mac and Jackie

McKinney, Steve and Diane

McNair, Bill and Lana – Executive Committee Member

Mitchell, Jay and Elizabeth

Muir-Taylor, Alastair and Lisa Ann

Nichols, Roy and Sue

Norris, Ronnie and Nancy

Parker, John S. and May Moss – Executive Committee Member

Parrish, Ralph and Lynn

Patton, Donny and Katharine

Pittman, Randy and Daina

Steakley, Rod and Linda – Chairman

Stephens, Charlie and Susan

Stimpson, Richard and Leah

Terry, Jim and Darcy

Walker, Dr. Bob and Beth

Wesson, Mark and Missi – Vice Chairman

Williamson, Lex and Mary