Board of Directors

Bailey, Charlie and Lila

Bradford, Tom and Mary Anne – Executive Committee Member

Brown, Greg and Dee

Brown, Dr. Michael and Kay

Carlisle, Todd and Karen

Collier, Dr. John and Julie – Secretary

Couch, Bob and Mary Ann – Executive Committee Member

Crosby, Caleb and Destin – API President

Cross, Bo and Tammy

Dunbar, Bruce and Ida

Fleming, Rev. Aaron and Chris

Garrett, Richard and Judy

Grubb, Rob and Shawn

Harrison, Don and Betty – Treasurer

Hendry, Don and Janice – Executive Committee Member

Jacks, Hugh and Jan

Kennedy, Neil and Helen – Executive Committee Member

Lanier, Mike and Larke

Mathis, Chad and Angie

McDuffie, Brant and Sallie

McKinney, Steve and Diane – Executive Committee Member

McNair, Bill and Lana – Executive Committee Member

Muir-Taylor, Alastair and Lisa Ann

Nichols, Roy and Sue

Norris, Ronnie and Nancy

Parker, John S. and May Moss – Executive Committee Member

Parrish, Ralph and Lynn

Patton, Donny and Katharine

Pittman, Randy and Daina

Steakley, Rod and Linda – Executive Committee Member

Stewart, Scott and Kellie

Stimpson, Richard and Leah – Chairman

Terry, Jim and Darcy

Walker, Dr. Bob and Beth

Wesson, Mark and Missi

Williamson, Lex and Mary

Word, Bryan and Holly – Executive Committee Member

Worthington, Al and Nancy